Dr. Nelly Himmell

If you are in need of cosmetic or holistic dental services, Dr. Himell is your choice for a dentist in Toronto.

Dr. Nelly Himell is your holistic and cosmetic dentist at Belmont Dental. She works with many naturopaths and physicians that believe in Chelation therapy and nutritionists to bring a total approach to the care of her patients.

She realized many years ago that the health of your teeth and the health of your body are interconnected. She has taken many courses in holistic approaches to dentistry and continues to investigate the health and diet connection between teeth and body.

Additionally, Dr Himell incorporates the benefits of Reiki for Relaxation and Therapeutic touch to those patients that experience dental anxiety.

Dr. Himell was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is fluent in Spanish, French, German, Polish and English. She is a clinical instructor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry.

Doctor Nelly HImell Bio, Toronto Dentist

Her degrees include a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

She also volunteers in the Component Dental Societies of Toronto and represents dentists as a counsellor at the Ontario dental association.

Dr. Himell has been featured in various magazines such as Vitality, Now, North Toronto, Bayview Post, Elevate and Beauty magazines and has been interviewed for various other local newspapers regarding the blending of holistic and cosmetic dentistry.

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From Our Team

  • We highly recommend a professional cleaning with our team at least twice year to maintain optimal oral health.
    - The Belmont Dental Team